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Owners | TexMod Homes

Husband and wife team Marc and Emily are the owners of TexMod Homes.
Marc is a Registered Architect with almost 20 years of experience.  After graduating with his Masters from Texas A&M, he has been a practicing Architect, specializing in both residential and commercial architecture.
Emily has an extensive background in design and marketing, and she has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas.
Together, Marc and Emily personally design and manage every aspect of all TexMod Homes projects.  Whether remodeling a small kitchen or constructing a new house, Marc and Emily are there every step of the way guiding the homeowner through the design and construction process.
TexMod Homes specializes in unique, architecturally significant remodels and construction with a emphasis on "modern".  While it might not be possible to go all out on every project, they love to push the envelope and ensure that every detail is accounted for to tie the entire project together in the end.
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